RV Yoebi Customer K.H.

We installed the RV model and what a fantastic product!!! We enjoy having our wine in glass wine glasses, we tried everything like the slide in mounts after adding tape to keep the glasses from sliding out while traveling and losing a few glasses, we were about to give up. We saw these and tried them the glasses are separated so banging around and no tape to keep them in. We did notice that the stem does make a difference on how tight the fit is but these really work, no more worrying about broken glasses. I highly recommend this product. 


From an article in TheBoatGalley.com

"What can I say? I saw the Yoebi and I loved it....If you like to drink wine from a traditional wine glass, the Yoebi solves the problem of tipping wine glasses, spilled wine, and broken glasses on your boat...."

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Our Review

A new product that will help with the onboard dining experience is a wine glass holder. It is called a Yoebi Wine Glass Holder and it fits into a standard boat cup holder.

If you have a cup holder you know how valuable they are. You can put your drink down and have it stay there secure until you need it. However if you have tried to fit a wine glass into one you know they do not fit or stay upright.

What our customers are saying...

From Pontoon and Deckboat Magagazine product test #55

"The great part about these holders is they don't require any expensive or difficult installation procedures. You just pop in an insert into your existing cup holders and you're good to go!....During our shootout testing, we take these boats as fast as they can go, and while I was a bit worried the wine glasses would fly out, none of them did....I was able to get the glass in and out quickly and easily, the design is solid...If you’re interested in experiencing the high life on the water, give Yoebi Stemware holders a try."​

From Amazon.com product review

"WOW!!! I have one for every cup holder on my boat. My guests love it just as much as the wine. Way to go. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys both boating and a good wine. "

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